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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Fairhaven High School Class of 1976 site! This site is all about the 1976 graduation class from Fairhaven High school. We all remember the year book pictures (as best as we can), but do not recollect numerous candid pictures taken by our classmates through out our years there. This site hopefully will remind you of the great times we all shared at Fairhaven High school. We ask our classmates to send in pictures or updates. The site serves as a contact point for our classmates to continue lines of communication. If you have not sent in your contact data you can use our sign in page to do so. Our site is growing and will continue to expand with input from all of you.

We ask for your suggestions, ideas and criticism about the site. This is the class of 76 history and legacy. Also with great sadness, our site maintains In Memory page to honor of our beloved classmates who are no longer with us. We are constantly in the process of adding more content about our class like our 40th reunion photos. Our Angels '76 group successfully raised funds for all 39 memorial bricks in the FHS Memorial Brick Park. Check back often to be informed as to the latest news and events like our 45th Class Reunion and our next "Gathering" date. Our hope is to leave you with a memorable visit to our shared past and new memories for the future.

By many metrics, high school was more than a few life changing events away. Time is definitively moving forward; however, we are still indefinitely captured in High School through our broad recollections and photos. By the gracious talent of several dedicated classmates, this Web site has grown and continues to grow through your input. The goal of the creators was to allow a media source to recollect and reconnect with fellow classmates/friends. This site is off to great start and we encourage you to send photos, emails, wine bottles or anything you deem suitable to the gracious collaborators in this fine endeavor. We truly wish you all are enjoying every day as a gift and taking nothing for granted. Hope to see as many classmates as possible at the next class reunion in 2021!

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